Women’s Hair: Making the decision to cut it off and start again

By Ashley Northover, BuzzersBlog

We’ve all been there, deciding whether to cut our hair or not. If we cut, we open a can of worms literally. From family and friends telling us that we shouldn’t have, comparing us to a boy, making fun of our short hair, or just us becoming insecure in how we look. It is an internal battle that we have all been through at least once in our life. If your hair is damaged or you need a fresh start just follow O. T. Genasis words because “you need to cut it”.
And cutting it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

Here are 4 ways to rock your “big chop”:

1. Style It Up – Accentuate your shorter hair using accessories. You can use headbands that come in different shape (big or small), different patterns and colors. Either will boost your overall look as you can mix and match the head bands with your outfit. Or, you can rock a head-wrap.  Not only does it come in different colors and patterns, but it can also styled be in various ways. You can do a ribbon bun, low bun, high bun, ponytail and so much more with your head-wraps. And don’t forget to slay those baby hairs using your edge brush and edge control.

2. Switch Up Your Fashion Style – If you feel like your hair is lacking, dress up the rest of your body. This will aid in boosting the crown that you wear effervescently on your head. So, it’s time to go in your closet and see how you can become chic today. It may even require you to purchase a few new pieces. The big chop has placed you out of your comfort zone, so why not step all the way out.

3. Moisturize and Massage – While your hair is growing into its healthy state, help it get there even faster. Keep your curls consistently moisturized along this journey. Ensure to use a moisturizer that can penetrate the hair and impart the hydration that it needs. As well as, can seal it in so that the curls stay moisturized for a long time. In addition, massage your scalp to promote healthy hair growth. Massaging increase blood flow circulation to the scalp to provide it with the nutrients from the foods we consume. The greater the nutrients, the more our hair follicles will absorb to promote hair growth.

Once you have passed the initial shock of it all, you will start to embrace it. You will walk with confidence so high regardless if your head is bald, your hair is in a teeny weenie Afro or if it’s shorter than you are used to. You will enjoy the process of growing out your natural hair. You will start to learn how to care for your unique coil pattern. As well as how to maintain to achieve your favorite styles.

It’s not called a natural hair journey for nothing.

Writer: Ashley Northover, Ashleynorthover@gmail.com

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