Maintaining Your Hair During Quarantine

By Ashley Northover, BuzzersBlog

Depending on where you are based in the world, COVID-19 has affected you in some way.
Whether it’s with working or learning from home, being laid off because the product/service your job offers is no longer needed, or not being able to go out as frequently as you normally would. And more importantly, your favorite hair salon or barbershop being closed. This means that you must take matters into your own hands regarding maintaining your hair. Also, this could include your children’s hair or even your significant others own. If you’re in doubt about how to care for your hair, “google it”.

Here are three resources for how to maintain your natural hair during Quarantine:

Youtube: Youtube is one of the key drivers in the natural hair community.
It has a multitude of videos showing you how to style your hair differently, what products to use, and how to achieve your goal of having healthy hair. The naturalistas or natural hair gurus uplifted many naturals like yourself (and me) as they showed us how to care for our hair by watching them care for them. They gave us tips, tricks and even product reviews. And we are still being provided with natural hair content as it is never one size fit all. These girls became like our virtual friends telling us all the tea that they know about a situation however this time it was our hair. And, they can teach you too. They have a plethora of new and old content that is still relevant during this quarantine period.

To start check out these 3-natural hair youtube channels:

Instagram: Since the emergence of Instagram, there has been an increase in the job title “influencer”. COVID-19 has caused an increase in the content that is being provided online, including Instagram. Natural Hair Influencers are increasing their tips, tricks and techniques online. They are sharing videos on the timeline, IGTV or even going “LIVE”. As well as, they are sharing their natural hair routines in their caption for their different natural hair-related images. In addition, there are motivational pages dedicated to providing you with natural hair tips and products that will work for your hair. As well as, inspirational photo comparison posts to keep you going while on your hair journey. This platform just like youtube offers you are a wide variety of information from different accounts. Thus, making it a great resource for caring for your natural hair during this time.

You can start following these pages below:

Blogs: Blogs have been providing information (as how you are reading this article), and even now more than ever. There are new blog posts (including this one) letting you know how to maintain your mane at home, how to style your hair at home, how to maintain your hair without your stylist and so much more. All this information is geared towards keeping your natural hair during this unusual time in history. With the variety of information, by just the click of a button and a good keyword (aka quarantine), you will find just what you need to know in written format about your natural hair.

Natural hair is not easy to take care of especially if you have no experience or knowledge. But in-depth tutorials in written, audio and video format will be provided through all these sources. Hence, you will learn in no time. You can start with the basics about learning how to moisturize, do simple styles, finding your porosity level, or even choosing high-quality products.

With the vast variety of content related to maintaining your natural on the web, you will succeed in maintaining your natural hair during the quarantine.

Writer: Ashley Northover,

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