Unspoken Rules: Cheating on your Barber/Stylist

By Ashley Northover, BuzzersBlog

The relationship between you & your stylist is a bond. This bond is something that in our community, they say should never be broken. That is, unless your hair is being damaged, then it’s definitely time to cut ties with your stylist or barber.  Finding the right person to care for your hair can be a challenge. But once you do find the right hairdresser, you’ll be wondering where they’ve been your entire life. Honestly, the bond between a hairdresser and a client is unmatched, mainly because you both have the same vision of the particular style you’re looking for. Whether you want to look amazing for an event, or you may just be regrowing your hair and starting fresh, your barber or stylist can help you get there.

There are many factors that affect a lasting relationship with a stylist. This includes price, dependency and most importantly trust. A trusting relationship will carry on for years. Have you ever noticed that your mom/dad/uncle/aunt has had the same hairdresser/barber for years? Yes, I can attest to that. Also notice how they don’t switch stylists unless they absolutely “have to”.

This is because for generations, there has been an unspoken rule to not “cheat” on your hairstylist/barber. Whether you want to believe the rule or not, it’s there. Notice how your brother, father, or significant other may need to get their hair trimmed, however, if Travis the barber is not there on Mondays or he’s gone on vacation, they are not going anywhere. This rule also applies to women. As a child, my mother had one specific hairdresser that she would go to all the time. She would set her appointments and it would be a rare occasion that she would break that appointment. It was extremely important to maintain a great relationship with the person she trusted with her hair. If by any chance her hairdresser was going to be out of town, she would try to maintain her current hairstyle for as long as it took until her stylist came back.

I vividly remember the minute she decided to do her own thing, and her hair ended up getting damaged. She later confided in her hairdresser and they were able to revive her hair to her liking. I took lessons from my mother growing up by learning from her trials and tribulations. Now as an adult, I have my own hair stylist that I trust. But I must admit, I have cheated on her. Just like my mother doing her own thing, I went to a new hairdresser and she completely gave me a style that I did not ask for and also damaged my hair. I have learned that there can be consequences to cheating on your stylist.

One of my favorite TV shows is Black-ish, and I’ve included a clip of an episode where they discussed the importance of sticking with your barber through thick and thin:

We can also be more pragmatic. If your hair really needs to be done, then get it done. Regardless if your stylist is not available. It isn’t wrong to go to another stylist or barber because there is no literal contract that states: “you shall not go to any other stylist besides me”. Hence, you can take your business anywhere you please. However, if you are friends with your hairdresser on any social media platform, I wouldn’t recommend you posting selfies of yourself at another shop wit the hashtag #BestHairCutEver. That would make for interesting conversation the next time you visit the hairdresser you’ve been seeing all the years.

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