Back 2 School Haircuts: Concerns and Safety Tips

By Gerard Gauthier, BuzzersBlog

Jurek Williamson, the Owner of King’s Temple Barbershop in Memphis cuts the hair of client (16) during pandemic. Joe Rondone

Nationwide, schools are starting to open back up and students are entering a grade closer to graduation. For both students and parents, this time of year is usually a joy. However, there is a different feeling in 2020 because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this spring we released a blog entitledReturning to the Salons during a Pandemic. Safety tips, Reservation tips, is it worth it?’. In it, we described the new normal of returning to the barbershop and salons during a pandemic. I bring that article up because parents are expressing the same safety concerns of getting their kids ready to go back to school.

Pre-pandemic, around this time of year parents would normally take their kids shopping for new clothes, shoes, school uniforms, bookbags and other school items. Along with that, parents would take their kids to the barbershops to get a fresh haircut for the first day of school. Depending on your state and your school district, some parents have the option to keep their kids home and have them go through E-Learning. For the parents who do not have or are unable to take that option, it means they must send their kids to school for in-person learning. Like most parents, they want to make sure they send their kids to school looking presentable.

I recently went to a barbershop and spoke with the parent of a 3rd grader who explained to me that he had to learn how to cut his son’s hair because he was uncomfortable with bringing his child to a crowded barbershop. Another parent who was also there getting a haircut stated his son, who is a high school Junior, learned how to cut his own hair through DIY (Do It Yourself) tutorials on Youtube. It is incredible to think that a decision as simple as going to the barbershop to get a haircut could be a difference maker in whether or not a person is exposed to a deadly virus. For parents who decide to take their kids to a barbershop, here are a few safety tips that could be helpful:

  • Make reservations prior to going to the barbershop. This will avoid long wait times and therefore cutting the amount of exposure.
  • Wear a mask. Wearing a mask has become political, but given the barber/client interaction, I would highly recommend wearing a mask during a cut.
  • Ask the Barber to wear a mask. Most barbers are wearing masks as mandated by their shop, but just in case yours isn’t, you have every right to ask him or her to wear a mask for your own safety.
  • Try to go in as early as possible. The less people there are in the barbershop, the better it is for you. I would not only set an appointment ahead of time, but I would set it first thing in the morning to beat the wave of clients coming in throughout the day.
  • Practice social distancing while waiting for your barber. I would recommend waiting in your car for your barber to be done with their client, and to text you once they are ready to take you on. If you are unable to wait in a car, you may want to sit a couple seats away from other clients.

As I mentioned, some people have taken to Youtube during the period of quarantine to learn how to cut, style and manage their own hair. Although they are not experts, they feel safer doing it that way. For those using Youtube to cut their or their own hair, below is a helpful video that can get you in the right direction:

I would not recommend cutting your hair for the first time right before going to school. Instead, I would suggest alternatives such as using a trusted friend or family member to cut your hair for you, or to refer back to the safety tips mentioned above if you decided to go to a barbershop.

In the past, there have been shops that offer back to school specials on haircuts for parents bringing in multiple kids, and we here at Trmster wanted to keep that tradition going and do our part in giving back. We are running a special for parents who would like to have their kids freshly cut right in time for school (whether it be in person or e-learning) by giving away free haircuts. Whichever route you choose, let’s be safe during this back to school year.  Click on the flyer below for more information:


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