Beard Talk: Tips For Growing and Maintaining Your Beard

By Gerard Gauthier, BuzzersBlog

In recent weeks we’ve received multiple emails from men inquiring how to properly grow and maintain their beards. Some men often struggle with the beard growing process, leaving many quitting during the rough stages. Other men who decide to push through may come across certain unpleasantries such as ingrown hairs, itchiness, stiff dry beards, and beard patches. We’re going to share a few tips and products to use when growing your beard that should make for an easier and less aggravating process.

Sticking with the decision

Making the decision to grow your beard is not something that’s often planned. To be honest, a lot of us usually get to a point where we haven’t shaved for a couple of days, and at that point, we notice our beards growing and it’s at that moment we may decide if we want to keep growing it or not. Once our minds are made up, we often dedicate ourselves to it for a couple of days, but most of us usually fall off as soon as we get a fresh cut at the barbershop. Some men want their facial hair to match the freshness of their haircut.

However, in the case where we hold our position and keep our beards growing, that process to where we’re able to cultivate a beard style of our liking may take up to 6 weeks. During that time, it is essential to keep your facial hair properly washed, conditioned and groomed.

Beard Soap

Using natural soaps for your beards has many benefits. Natural beard soaps preserve natural oils, keeps your beard hydrated, maintains the healthiness of your skin underneath, and prevents itchiness. Natural oils are essential to keeping your beard healthy and strong and it lowers the risk of your beard hair splitting and breaking. Lack of hydration can cause itchiness and flakes. I’m pretty sure we would all agree that having beard flakes on your black tee shirt is pretty embarrassing. Natural beard soaps will not only hydrate your beard and skin, but it also gives it a healthy appearance. I have included below a natural beard soap that you may want to give a try.

Shampoos and Beard Oils

Beard shampoo work wonders for our beard. It not only softens your hair, but it also cleanses the skin underneath and helps get rid of that pesky irritation we often come across. Beard shampoos come in a variety of wonderful scents that takes away the stink of our beards. Beard shampoos may not necessarily take away beard dandruff, but it does nurture and moisturize the skin leaving it less likely to have such a problem. A common mistake that men make when washing their beards is using the same shampoo meant for our hair and applying it to our beards. Regular shampoos take away natural oils from our hair, which we’ve already mentioned is quite essential for us to maintain a healthy beard.

Beard oil is used to keep beards looking fuller, softer and sometimes promotes growth. High Quality oils are usually made up of essential and carrier oils. Carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils and carry them to your skin.  Essential oils are typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted. True carrier oils are generally cold-pressed or macerated vegetable oils taken from, among others: Apricot oil. Grape seed oil. Avocado oil. Olive oil. Sesame oil. Evening primrose oil and Canola oil.

Now that we have broken that down, the point is that beard oils are extremely important to use while growing your beard. Having a routine is also helpful. When you implement a routine, it becomes second nature to use products such as beard soaps, beard oils, shampoos and conditioners. Check out this beard routine video from Youtuber NAIJAFAM:

Balm and Grooming

Beard balms are products used to add more control and styling to your beard. Similar to the products mentioned above, most beard balms contain some essential oils which helps with the conditioning and moisturizing of your facial hair. Here are some benefits to using beard balms:

Healthier beard

Helps prevent itchiness

Prevents beard dandruff

Prevents hair from falling and splitting

Beard balms

Scotch Porter Beard Balm

Make it a routine to apply your beard ball after washing your face in the morning or after you get out of the shower. Use a dime-sized amount of beard balm to your hands and apply it to your beard. Be sure to get the balm deep in the beard so that it contacts your skin underneath, that way, it will get all the way down to the roots. Once you have a applied the balm, use either a comb or brush to groom your beard.

When grooming your beard, it is best practice to brush through your beard in a downward motion. This allows for your hair to be detangled, and it also gives a more appealing appearance. Brushing towards your chin (downward) gives your beard a nice sharp outline and can add volume to your beard.

Staying consistent with your routine will eventually pay off in the end as you will reap the fruits of labor by having a healthy beard. For those who have tried and given up in the past, try using these products and tips and see if it makes a difference in your process.


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