Gerard Gauthier, BuzzersBlog

This week’s Barber Spotlight goes to Naple’s own @Sirobarber. Siro is a versatile Barber who can create unique designs and bring something as simple as a haircut to life. His sharp as a tack edges and symmetrical beard trims are one of the many skills we noticed while exploring his Instagram page. I have a close friend who recently moved to Naples and he mentioned how it was nearly impossible to find good barbers around his community. Automatically, I referred him to check out Siro’s page and unsurprisingly he stated he would set an appointment with him.

Every Barber has different a different set of skills or a special signature that sets them apart from the rest. I believe Siro has his own style and is pretty consistent with his work. If you’re in the Naples area, I recommend you checking him out and get that guaranteed fresh cut! Be sure to give him a follow on Instagram: @sirobarber


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