Returning to the salons during a pandemic. Safety tips, Reservation tips, is it worth it?

By Ashley Northover, BuzzersBlog

Hairdresser, wearing a protective face mask cuts the hair to a client which also wears protective face mask on Monday, April 27, 2020. Nationwide, authorities have partly lifted the lockdown allowing the reopening of shops nearly of closing due to the coronavirus COVID-19. (Jean-Christophe Bott/Keystone via AP)

Now we’ve been locked up for approximately two months or even longer depending on where you are in the states. And, in different cities are being opened back up and trust me, I know you are excited (we are too!). However, there is a lot of uncertainty about different business opening, including salons. Salons are different from other business as regularly there is little to no social distancing.

It’s hard to employ social distancing and safety protocols while at the salon.
You usually sit in a chair with your hairstylist hovering over you as they comb your hair. In addition, the next client is usually a hand stretch away. So, what do you do?

Salons would have to employ serious social distance protocols post quarantine. This includes keeping clients 3 or 6 feet apart so less chairs would be occupied. In addition, less than the average number of clients can be seen daily. In addition, the stylist’s hands and your hands would have to be constantly be cleansed. The stylist would have to wash her hands very often especially when he/she wipes their sweat off. In addition, you will have to have your hand sanitizer on hand to keep your hands clean until you can go and wash them. And finally, masking up. We have heard time and time again from the experts that masks help to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We want to slow down the spread or flatten the curve as a massive outbreak is not good for the economy and our health care systems. You and your stylist would have to wear a mask. And as such, no client would be allowed to enter the salon if they are not wearing a mask. And the stylist cannot come to work, if he/she does not have a mask.

Do you think that salons are worth going around during this time? Well, it depends on the situation with your specific salon. Can your salon employ social distancing protocols and more mentioned above? If yes, then it can be open. During this unknown time, a business owner must be safe and cautious when doing business. They must employ these protocols to stay open and make money while being open. As well as, doing their part to stop, slow down and/or prevent the spread of the virus.

Writer: Ashley Northover,